About Her

From the bold and creative mind of the plus size influencer, Adriana Paiva, a brazilian, 27 yo based in Dallas spreading self love and happiness on social medias since 2014. Everything started as a hobby for her and she thought it was just a way to help friends with girlie tips and motivation. However, through the years that dream to be a known influencer became reality. Also, in 2015 she went through eating disorder and totally lost her self-esteem. Since them Adriana’s been making her way through the top relearning to love herself again and being a real inspiration to people around. She aims to promote body positivity, empowerment, encouragement, beauty beyond the tired standards of the past. Adriana Paiva shares her incomparable and unique style with a statement: I CAN! Inspired by her, she has a loyal and kind community, loving and giving life to her social medias.
The most beautiful curve is her smile

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