Hey y’all! If you follow me in a while you must have noticed how my skin has changed and how many products I’m often trying (the struggle is real you guys), on an attempt to find the ones that are really good as they claim to be. This is year I’m on a routine that is really changing the game and I’d love to share with you my top skincare favorites of 2019.

before and after of 3 months with the right regime

Just so you know, I have a very oily skin, hormonal mild acne, enlarged pores and dark circles. I know, I have almost the whole packaging *rolling eyes emoji* but, through the years I could find some excellent products to help me on this journey.



Most important step of our skincare routine, cleansing is something I do at least twice a day and I never skip it. For me, a good cleanser is the one that deeply cleans without stripping and drying out our complexion.

top cleansers to normal to oily skin

Paula’s choice / Skinceuticals / Proactive / Drunk Elephant / Dermatologica



As a optional step in a skincare regimen, I choose to apply tonics because it can bring me a lot of benefits. The ingredients in these products stimulate that natural glow (when I say glow, I don’t mean oily) with a clean sensation, leaving the skin even more ready for the next steps to come. I call it an extra care.

Good molecules  / Pixi 



Essential to deliver some very specific and powerful ingredients to the skin according to every skin type and needs. Sometimes I want to apply all the different kinds of serums on my skin at once (just because I’m addicted) but it’s not the best approach, believe me.  Try to identify your skin needs and target that specific skin concern once at a time.

top serums to normal to oily skin

Good molecules / Paula’s choice / Drunk elephant night / Drunk Elephant day



Soft and bouncing skin is the reason we don’t want to forget this step. My main concern is always to find the ones that won’t leave my skin congested and oily. Besides, when I find moisturizers with more ingredients for an extra benefit, it gets my heart.

Paula’s choice/ Proactive / Charlotte Tilbury / Drunk Elephant / Glow Recipe



Part of my daily routine since I was a teenager and started to worry about the damage UV rays could cause to my skin. Even though I hated the consistency, I’m glad that nowadays we have sunscreens that don’t really feel like sunscreen. Enjoy it girl.

top sunscreen to normal to oily skin

Supergoop / Volition / La Roche Posay



I said I have almost the whole-package of skin concerns right? In this case, I don’t dare to skip the only step that gives me hope against it. A real skin transformation needs a powerful treatment that we usually apply at night but I found some good ones I can apply in the AM as well and stick to a 24hrs of treatment.

Paula’s choice / Proactive  / Curology



Applying treatments, serums and different kinds of creams make our skin change and reacts. Those reactions can leave behind dead cells that will hide a beautiful new skin coming out. That’s why we want to enjoy our 2-3 times a week exfoliating that dead skin out.

Amorepacific / Pixi



Treatments are good, but giving them a boost is even better. Specially on the weekends when I’m going to apply makeup, I love to apply a mask prior to it. I have a drawer full of masks and every time I gotta choose one I end up picking the same ones. Try them so you’ll understand why.

top facial masks to normal to oily skin

Charlotte Tilbury / Proactive/ Glow Recipe / Drunk Elephant


Eye cream

I’ve been able to hold my skin from having wrinkles and fine lines for a while but not from having dark circles. If you are not planning to do some under eye filler or something like that, you need to realize that ANY product will make the darkness simply disappear. Ever since I realized that, I can appreciate a good eye cream that will give me real benefits without the promise of a miracle.

Charlotte Tilbury / Glamglow / Volition



You must be thinking I spend at least 2 hours on my skincare routine. But you’re wrong and there’s always time for one more step in order to have the perfect complexion (I don’t have it, that’s why I don’t give up lol). On this topic we go through each one of these tools because it’s important that you don’t miss a thing.

High frequency Wand –

If you’ve gone for a facial with a professional you’d most likely seen this tool. It smells weird and it feels like a small electrical current when applied on the skin. The reason is that it emits a gas to kills acne-causing bacteria. Also, increases circulation stimulating collagen, reducing inflammation, redness, fine lines, I mean, this is a very effective glow and anti-aging treatment that you DO can use at home. I can’t live without it anymore and it’s a life-save tool when a painful acne is popping up.

Rose quartz roller –

Cool roller that helps alleviate the appearance of puffiness , fine lines and tired skin stimulating circulation. I love the cool sensation on the skin, and the reason I prefer rose quartz instead of jade is because jade is adaptive in nature and tends to warm with skin contact which reduces the impact of the cooling massage.

Dermaroller (microneedling)

This skincare device works on stimulating collagen and elastin fibers to make skin smoother. It helps rejuvenate, reduce scars, wrinkles and pores. I love that it makes my skin plump and it DOESN’T HURT or makes you bleed. The purpose is to intensively stimulate a new skin to grow and it really WORKS.

Mini fan

Okay, why a mini fan can be a top product girl? It definitely can. Life is passing by so fast, we have a million things to do and we still want to do a complete skincare routine, right. The fan will help on drying every layer of product you are applying, reducing the time spent on each step of the regimen. Time is money. Let’s save both and still have beautiful skin.

top skincare tools to normal to oily skin

High frequency wand / Rose quartz roller / Dermaroller / Mini fan

I hope you find this article helpful. Remember, a beautiful and youthful skin is result of consistency and discipline following every step of the regimen DAILY. Applying the best products is not going to miraculously change your skin from night to day. But it absolutely helps.

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