First post of the year I want to bring some light and hope into your life. I’ve been meaning to share this story for a while now and I feel like this is the time.

It’s been a little over a year since my life has changed completely, and I believe many of you don’t know my miracle story. God works through mysterious ways and transforming cancer into life was one of his ways to say ‘Daughter, I have more for you than you can possibly expect”. Let’s go through it.

How it started

The first week of July of 2018, I went to the ER feeling a lot of pain on my lower abdomen. Initially, I thought it could be appendicitis because the pain started progressing over the past few days, . At the hospital, they ran many tests and through an ultrasound  they confirmed that I had a huge mass wrapping my ovaries. At the time, I was going through a financial crisis and I had no insurance. In that case, the hospital couldn’t do much more for me if I didn’t have any way to pay for my medical procedures out of pocket . Well, that was when the struggle began.

The doctor at the ER gave me pain medication, sent me home and I started to research for places that could treat me. Honestly, I didn’t know how urgent my condition was. Nobody told me I should worry about it, so I was doing my research with no rush. However, a few days later I ended up in the ER again, feeling the worst pain. By that time, my husband took me to a public hospital in Dallas. They ran more tests and unfortunately they found out the mass around my ovaries were malignant and chances of it being cancer were high. But again, I was told they couldn’t do much for me.

I thought to myself, wait a minute, that was a public hospital, right? Why they couldn’t treat me? First reason, I was living in another county and they only cover patients in their county. Second, I’m immigrant with only a visa, in this case I am not eligible for any government program to provide me financial assistance. Well, they ended up sending me home with just pain killers and no solution.

What now?

In the following 2 months trying to find a solution, I ended up in the ER two more times and every time I was sent back home without hope and with more bills to pay. The doctors realized I would need surgery as soon as possible, yet they couldn’t do nothing for me. I felt neglected, lonely and hopeless but just for a moment because regardless of how hard that trial was, I knew God was with me and somehow that I would win the battle.but I just didn’t know how.

At some point, a friend of mine told me “Don’t take no as an answer. Keep fighting and insisting”. That’s what I decided to do. Finally, after a long conversation with the hospital I was able to negotiate a treatment plan. Great, right? Keep reading.

The hospital  would run more tests to comfirm my situation and prepare my contract. They were trying to estimate my costs to do so. If I really had to have surgery I would put a downpayment towards  scheduling it. After a few days, with all the results from tons of exams, they were able to see that the huge mass wrapping my ovaries seemed to have spread to my belly and I also had blood clots in my legs due to all that was happening to my body.  I had a 90% chances of having ovarian cancer in a stage that was spreading and high chances to have pulmonary embolism. All those were extremely dangerous. I needed surgery and other treatments fast and chances were that I’d have to do chemotherapy after surgery as well. Which means, I was about to face a very expensive treatment that I never thought I would need at age 26.

Let the miracles begin

Before surgery, the last exam to be done was a biopsy on the masses in my belly. That was the easiest way to be 99% sure about the malignancy of the tumor. I was laying down in that cold room waiting for the biopsy after one last ultrasound and the doctor said “the masses in your belly are gone, in this case we can’t do a biopsy now”. I was so surprised. Although worried about the tumor wrapping my ovaries, because those weren’t gone.

The hospital came to the conclusion I would have to pay $12.000,00 downpayment to be able to schedule my surgery. I had a solution but absolutely no money saved to pay such a huge amount.  Desperate is the only word to define myself at the time. I would cry and pray that God be merciful on me.

My family was suffering with me and that’s when I decided to follow a friend’s advice and start a gofundme account to raise the money. Honestly, I didn’t want to ask for someone else’s money. I felt so ashamed. But my life was at risk and I needed to humble myself. Thank God I did that. I had a huge support from my online community, family and friends, then 2 weeks later I reached the amount needed for my surgery. Praise be to God! I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. After 6 months since my first symptom, I was able to start prepping for surgery.

God, be my surgeon

I was anxious and nervous about the surgery. But there was no doubt that God was guiding me. I was confident that God had a purpose. Till I had to deal with one more big variable. There was a high chance that I would lose my fertility at age 26 with no kids, because of the surgery. I can’t explain the feeling of not being able to bear a child when it’s my biggest dream. Nevertheless, I decided to accept God’s decision for my life, whichever it would be.

When the day of the surgery came, I had to sign a ton of consent forms that something could go wrong and  I could end up with a colonoscopy bag and lots of other risks. Well, I had no choice. Just praying to God to be my surgeon and I’d surrender to His will.

New day, new life

God didn’t fail me. Surgery was a success and when I woke up from it I was surprised with good news.  The doctor told me that during surgery they found out I was actually with a borderline tumor that reacts exactly like cancer but it’s not as aggressive. As a matter of fact its levels of malignancy are very low. I thought the good news would stop right then but there was more. The doctor also told me they were able to leave my uterus so I can get pregnant through IVF treatment in the future. I felt so grateful. God hadn’t forsaken me. He has a higher purpose for my life.

I had a smooth recovery and since then everything in my life changed for the good. Business started doing great, my marriage was renewed, my faith was strengthened.

I feel so blessed and so thankful for my life that I just can’t waste it. 

As God’s promises in the Bible,

3 God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered.
4 No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there
5 and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life and make you more numerous than your ancestors. Deuteronomy 30:3-5
I’m a living proof that God is here for me, and for you as well. Believe it.
I hope my faith testimony can change your perspective about God and His miracles.
I proudly carry the sign of a won battle

Hey y’all, I’m super excited to share this getaway house experience with you. First time I heard about these little tiny cabins in the woods made me feel skeptical but researching more about it I decide to give it a try. It was so worth it.


Why I need it

I feel like I haven’t had a moment to disconnect in a while so my body was urging for this moment. After a few days trying to figure it out my husband’s days off work I ended up scheduling my staying on the day of our 5th wedding anniversary and hubby was super excited.

Getaway in a tiny cabin in the woods to recharge and disconnect

What made me feel even more hyper was the fact that dogs are allowed in the cabin.  My fur-baby had the best time ever. Rogers, the little pug monster, is a very energetic dog and just the thought of being able to let him run freely in the woods hooked me up.

Packing up

Getting ready to hit the road was the easiest. We packed the very basic because the idea was to stay only one night and on that little cabin has everything we need to survive, and nothing we don’t. What I think that has helped a lot is the information on their website guiding us on how to prepare for what is to come.

Hitting the road

Everything on our truck, we hit the road as a big happy family. We drove 1:50h towards the countryside and the cabins were in a beautiful and preserved area on LaRue county.

When we arrived, my heart was beating a little to fast because the scenario is breathtaking.

Our staying was on late October and the fall vibes were starting to show off. I can’t define in words how great it was the feeling of contemplating God’s creation in that moment.

The cabin

Checking on the amenities we had a very well made  cabin with a queen bed and bedding, kitchen and utensils, bathroom with hot shower, A/C, lanterns, cards, books and a little table with orientations, an activity booklet to enjoy our time the most and a little cellphone lockbox because the idea is to focus on what’s around us. Super cozy. Outside of the cabin we had a fire pit with grilling grate and everything we needed to fire it, picnic table and chairs.

Starting the adventure

First thing to do was let the dog out (woof-woof). He ran over the entire area like a racing car. Loved seeing him so happy and free.

In the meanwhile my husband started to prepare our most delicious Brazilian picanha. If you’ve been to a Brazilian steakhouse you know what I’m talking about (if not, you’re missing the good).

We have all the utensils needed to cook up something delicious but the ingredients were our own. However, if you don’t even want to deal with that, they have provisions available to purchase in the cabins.

Eating a meal with my family while listening to birds singing and the nature around brought me to my best state of mind. I had time to play with my dog, read a book, had long conversations with my hubby without bothering if there were one (or thousand) of emails to answer. We were just existing together and that’s exactly what recharging means to us.

On the bed

The sun went down and it’s time for a hot shower (yes HOT SHOWER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS). Laying on the comfy bed we slept very well, enjoying the absolute silence night of our lives. When I opened my eyes in the morning, that big window by the bed makes me feel grateful for one more day alive. I didn’t want to leave the bed, just stay there forever admiring that view.


Leaving that cabin was the hardest thing. I wish I had booked more days to enjoy that peace but hubby has a very busy life. After my morning coffee brewed in the mug (I’m obsessed) we grabbed our stuff, locked the door behind with the lock code and drove back to the reality. Though feeling renewed and recharged. Of course thinking about the next time.

If you are reading this post wishing that cabin closes to where you live, it might be! Check on their website for more locations and use my coupon code ADRIANAP25 for $25 off a booking.

I hope this post inspire you to find some time to recharge and don’t forget to subscribe for more shared experiences like this one.

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